WALL CLOTHESHORSEWall clotheshorse directly derived from the balcony one and it's easy to install and use.
Our wall clotheshorse are made in stainless steel AISI 304 with 2 mm thickness.
Considering the type of use, it's clear that this is a very important thickness, however, our aim is not only to sell goods, but to get full approval and satisfaction of purchaser and end user, who will be aware to purchase and use a product of unquestionable, high quality.
It is designed to obtain maximum result in quality and efficiency.
Total length of article is 44 cm.
Clothes horse consists of two components:

  1. Support for fixing to the wall, to which is bolted the arm;
  2. Arm 44 cm long with 4 + 4 7 mm holes for the passage of wires.

Support is provided with a stainless steel screw AISI 304.
The material used for components and for bolts does not oxidize, so it cannot, by its nature, release residues of rust; so we have the absolute certainty that, even if in contact with clothing, these will not be in any way stained.
Our clotheshorse can be tilted: when it is unused, the arm can be lowered by pushing in the slot of the support; thus overall dimensions of the device is canceled. For this reason, the artifact can be safely mounted inside (bathrooms, floors, local boiler) and is especially recommended in regions where it is not possible to hang out outside.
When you need to use the clotheshorse, the arm is raised and pushed into the slot of the support, where it is blocked by a tongue in the correct working position.
To avoid causing surface scratches, not aesthetically pleasing, in processing stages and during transport, use coated sheet by a suitable adhesive film of plastic material. It can be removed before the assembly step.

Retail price: € 24,00 + VAT

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Wall clotheshorse: STRINOX



Packaged as a couple (at least one couple).