The same chain included in the complete tripod kit can also be sold individually.

Tripod chainOur tripod is an essential accessory to match chestnuts pans of all sizes to facilitate their use in all circumstances.

We designed it thinking about the ancient practice of tying three sticks at the top, to form a tripod that can support the weight of the pan with its contents.

The difference, compared to the past, is the extreme convenience of transport, assembly and disassembly.

The top of the tripod is the heart of the device: it is formed by two shells, one external and one internal, in 2 mm thickness galvanized steel sheet, equipped with three semicircular shapings set at 120 degrees from each other; External ones are opposed to internal ones: for this they can close three iron pipes that are the supports of the tripod.

Two shells, the external and the internal one, are joined by a functional system: On the external one is installed a threaded insert m8; on it is screwed, by the inner shell, a threaded eyelet m8. This, closing, closes two shells ensuring the perfect fastening of three supports.

Three iron tubes have a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 150 centimeters. On part that rests on the ground an iron plate is welded which has a 8 mm hole. It can accommodate a 18 centimeters long nail; it must ensure the perfect stability of the tripod and is provided by us; there is one for each leg of the device.

The chain, which we built, is inspired by old specimens of tradition and consists of oval rings 8 x 4 cm. In the lower part of the chain a double "S" 24 × 5 centimeters hook is welded. It, suitably coupled to one of the rings of the chain, allows to vary the distance of the pan from the flames. The length of the chain, including hook, is of 100 centimeters, and the thickness of the iron of which it is made is 4 millimeters.

The tripod is provided in a strong cardboard box that after every use can be easily used to store the artifact protected from the weather, and has comprehensive instructions for assembly.

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