PIZZA SHOVELIf we have a brick oven, the shovel is an indispensable tool for cooking pizzas and loaves of various sizes.
The shovel body is made with anti corrodal aluminum or "raw" aluminum which has the feature to bend and return to its original state upon termination of the stress. The useful area is 31 to 31 cm and the thickness is 1.5 mm.
The perimeter is carefully bevelled to facilitate the manipulation of dough, raw and cooked.
The shovel handle is made with a tubular aluminum of 2.5 cm diameter for 2 mm thickness. The length is 150 cm. At its end there is a rubber fitting ferrule which improves the grip and prevents the direct contact of the operator with the metal edge.
The handle is attached to shovel body with 4 aluminum rivets that ensure the overall rigidity.
The remarkable lightness and maneuverability of the article make it an easy to use tool for anyone.
It is washable with any detergent for food use.

Retail price: € 33,00 + VAT

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Pizza shovel: PLZ1



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