DORMOUSE BARRIERDormouses are prolific and pretty rodents (of course if they don't dwell in your attic), which in most cases are able to enter homes passing on electrical or telephone wires; cables, in fact, constitute main bridge for invasion of attic, the favorite habitat of the small but voracious mammals.

These animals may be a protected species and so you can't hunt them; if you can’t or don’t want to hunt them, you have to prevent their transit: you have to put a barrier for them insuperable on cables that go to your residence.

Thanks to our barrier, this became possible, economically and in a short time; It's not necessary to contact a skilled artisan that makes manually a dedicated product: Our article, realized with rational manufacturing methods, is immediately available in store and instantly installed.

Device efficacy is proved by the fact that it was designed on the basis of specific requests from users disappointed by devices, self-constructed, with not sufficient diameter.

For this reason, we can finally say stop to dormouses intrusion, stop to pulverized insulating coatings, stop to urine and dung remains on the floor, stop to annoying noises in the night.

Our dormouses barrier is made with an aluminum dish of 99 cm diameter. Thickness of the dish is 1.2mm. It must be applied to the cable through six special supports in iron flat 23 cm long, 20 mm wide and 3 mm thick.

Thickness of the supports has been consciously evaluated to facilitate perfect adherence to the curved surfaces of the cables.

Positioned three on this side of the disc and three on the opposite side, they serve as a clamp around the cable.

Their fixing is ensured by appropriate cable ties: one of them must be placed as close as possible to the disc, the other near the tail of the supports; of course the operation is to be performed on both surfaces of the disc.

Device assembly is comfortable and functional, because the disc has a cut through which it is possible to fit it easily and quickly around the cable.

An aluminum piaster completes kit: it closes the cut and secure it in a safe and definitive way.

We also provide the appropriate galvanized bolts, consisting of 3 bolts M8 x 20 mm and 2 bolts M6 x 15 mm.

Materials are resistant to rust attacks.

For a correct assembly you can use detailed instructions in the package.

The barrier can be used with cables whose maximum diameter is 32 millimeter and it is adaptable, depending on the needs, to cables of smaller diameter thanks to the fixing slots of the supports which ensure an excursion between inside and outside of 25 mm.

Structure formed by disk, six supports and piaster is light but solid, and it is extraordinarily resistant to adverse weather events such as violent gusts of wind.

The diameter of the disc of 99 cm ensures that no dormouse can go beyond the barrier; protection of home is therefore ensured, respecting nature and with particular care for the animal's well-being.

Retail price: € 74,00 + VAT

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Dormouse barrier: DMG99AL



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