CHIMNEYS CLEANER "Raptor 1"It’s made with a diameter of 50 mm stainless steel round with a height of 180 mm; it’s provided with 12 blades in steel plate of 40 x 35 x 5 mm welded to round itself with an inclination of 40°. The blades, suitably offset each other so as to cover the entire section of the chimney in which the device is to be inserted, have the obvious task of scraping the sooty and tarry deposits present on the inner walls of the tube.

On the top of the central body of the article there is a 50 mm diameter ring made with 6 mm wire. To it, by means of a galvanized steel latch hook with threaded safety lock, a galvanized 10 meters long chain is fixed. It can support a load of 110 kilograms tear.

The upper end of the chain is anchored to a steel handle 125 x 30 x 5 mm that ensures the stable grip and the perfect maneuverability of the device.

Black painted. The total weight of RAPTOR 1 is 4,200 kg and it’s suitable for round chimneys having a diameter from 120 up to 160 millimeters.

What is' and how it works

Our innovative chimneys cleaner, called "Raptor" for its amazing effectiveness and speed in the chimney-sweeping, was born as a response to my simple home needs: by having a smokestack particularly difficult to clean and could not find a solution on the market adequate for my needs, I tried to develop a product based on my decades-long experience as a designer and manufacturer of steel structures.

After I assembled the prototype, the necessary proof has convinced me up. It was enough to get on the roof and, without anybody's help, place the "Raptor" in one of the side openings of the fireplace, lower it gradually, using the strong chain, and wait for the weight of the device, properly sized about 5 kilograms approximately dragged him down the length of the chimney.

Descending gradually along the fireplace, the "Raptor" cleaned him completely from any kind of sooty and tarry deposit accumulated over time. Now, existing on the market various types of chimneys, I thought to anticipate and meet many of the possible needs of the occasional or professional user, designing and building the four different models described hereinafter.

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