CHESTNUTS PAN  "Piemonte"Chestnuts pan "Piemonte" type is so named because, traditionally, this type of product is used primarily in the Piemonte (North-West of Italy).

On the bottom there are circular punched holes, that have not chipped edges folded outwards.

The circular drilling ensures a more gentle cooking of chestnut compared to that obtained with the "Aosta" model, because the fruit is less exposed to direct contact with flame; for this reason "Piedmont" pan is particularly suitable to be used by novice.

On the side, 10.5 cm high, is welded a tubular support of 4 cm diameter in which you can insert a wooden handle, easily available at any hardware store or garden center. The support has a hole in the top that allows the introduction of a screw adapted to lock the handle.

The diameter of the pan is 32 cm and allows the cooking of not less than 1.5 kg of chestnuts at one time.

The body of the pan is in non-galvanized steel sheet (thus also superheated it does not emit harmful vapors) of 0.8mm thickness.

It can be used with a suitable tripod, optionally supplied by us, simply by screwing an eyelet to the wooden handle.

To keep the pan in optimum condition, even after years of intense activity, it is recommended to clean it after each use with a dry cloth and store it in a closed plastic bag protected from the weather: in this way it will be preserved from rust.

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