CHESTNUTS PAN  "Gas"On the bottom of chestnuts pan "Gas" type, studied for a typical household use, there are circular punched holes, that have not chipped edges folded outwards.

This type of drilling makes the pan suitable to be placed directly on the gas stoves or on the hot surface of more widely installed in the kitchens wood stoves.

On the side, 6 cm high and flared, is welded the metal support of the wooden handle, perfect insulating, which is provided already loaded. The handle length is 24 centimeters.

The diameter of the pan is 28,5 cm and allows the cooking of not more than 0,5 kg of chestnuts at one time; if you do not exceed the recommended amount you can get an optimal cooking over low heat.

The body of the pan is in non-galvanized steel sheet (thus also superheated it does not emit harmful vapors) of 0.8mm thickness.

To keep the pan in optimum condition, even after years of intense activity, it is recommended to clean it after each use with a dry cloth and store it protected from the weather: in this way it will be preserved from rust.

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